Servicing a Kenwood KD-650

An absolute beast of a turntable. Superbly designed to simply spin a record at the right speeds with the best possible sound - at what was even back then a pretty steep price to pay. Making one today would simply be impossible because nobody would even know how - and even if they did, it would be unaffordable for normal people.

This one had quite a lot wrong with it - the bulbs were blown, it barely managed to spin - and the speed buttons were quite random - deciding to function one minute, not the next.

After a full recap of all electrolytic capacitors, nothing really changed. However, they really did need replacing as they were all quite signiciantly out of spec.

So onwards to the service manual - and the horrendously complex circuit diagram. Quite a genius design once you get to understand it - but it must have driven the original designers insane! After replacing five IC's - it's now fully working!

To fully set one of these up, you will need a good dual channel oscillscope, an accurate voltmeter, and a healthy dash of patience (not to mention steady hands).

If your Kenwood KD-600 or Kenwood KD-650 is in need of some love, let me know

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