Sanyo TP-727 Direct Drive turntable

Sanyo TP-727 Direct Drive turntable


Made in Japan in 1977.  This is a hugely under-rated belt drive turntable with excellent build quality and is a great sounding turntable.


It has a quality tonearm, with anti-skating for well-balanced sound,  The removable headshell can accomodate a wide range of cartridges should you ever choose to upgrade.


It has a built-in stroboscobe, and adjustable speed so that you can adjust the pitch to perfection.  It is a semi-automatic turntable - perfect for those who don't want to get up at the end of a record and prefer to let the turntable return the tonearm to rest for you.


This turntable has been recently serviced and is ready to spin for you.  It also comes with a new stylus and is fully setup in all repects.



Type: auto return

Motor: DC servo

Platter: 308mm, 0.7kg aluminium alloy die-cast

Drive method: belt drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Signal to noise ratio: 60dB

Tonearm: static balance type

Effective length: 222mm

Dimensions: 17.25 x 6 x 15"

Weight: 7kg