Musical Fidelity A1 Integrated Amplifier

Musical Fidelity A1 Integrated Amplifier


The A1 was a somewhat controversial amplifier from Musical Fidelity. The electronic design was by Tim de Paravincini. The amplifier was originally launched in 1984, and was in production until the early 90s. Today, it is considered a classic.


The distinctive top cover is used as a heat sink and typically runs at 55-65°C - too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. 


It does have a certain sound that has earned it praise over the years - some reviews draw comparison with valved equipment.


Facilities are minimal - you get an input selector and a volume control - apart from the power and tape-monitor switches, that's it. Well, apart from a phono stage that can do MC as well as MM. In true purist fashion it has no tone or balance controls, no headphone socket or loudspeaker switching and don't even think about remote control - this was 1984!


This one has had the preamp stage modification made - designed by Mark Hennesy


It is in fabulous condition, controls are silent (no scratchiness here) and is ready to be yours