Akai AP-006 Direct Drive turntable

Akai AP-006 Direct Drive turntable


Made in Japan in 1978, the Akai AP-006 was part of Akai's finest range of turntables they ever made.  It is simply the best and most stylish turntable ever made by Akai - and a great deal better sounding and looking than virtually any modern turntable that will cost many times more.  It is my personal favourite turntable of all turntables I have owned over the years and I have my own one that will probably be buried with me.


It has a superb tonearm, with anti-skating for well-balanced sound,  The removable headshell can accomodate a wide range of cartridges should you ever choose to upgrade.


It has a built-in stroboscobe, and adjustable speed so that you can adjust the pitch to perfection.  It is a fully manual turntable - perfect for those of us who like to be in full control of our listening experience.


This turntable has been recently serviced and is ready to spin for you.  It also comes with a new stylus and is fully setup in all repects.



Type: direct drive

Platter: 325mm, 1.15kg, alloy die-cast

Speeds: 33, 45rpm

Motor: 6-pole outer router AC servo controlled motor

Wow and flutter: less than 0.035% wrms

Signal to noise ratio: better than 69dB

Speed adjustment: +-4%

Tonearm: s-shaped static balanced type, tubular arm with inside force canceller and lateral balance weight

Arm length: 230mm

Cartridge weight: 4 to 8g (8 to 12g using sub weight)

Offset angle: 22 degrees

Overhang: 15mm

Dimensions: 440 x 128 x 358mm

Weight: 9kg