TradeMe roundup #1

I get many queries asking me what I think about turntables being sold on TradeMe. Of course to answer any of these in detail consumes time - so I am going to try and do a weekly roundup of what's for sale on TradeMe with some level of point scoring. Will see how it goes :) Naturally I won't cover all of them and will only comment on those from the 70's and 80's that I have personal experience with. Also, these don't reference specific turntables - just the models for sale

Format is: Model :: Value :: Note

Value is shown as $'s where:

- each Green equals $100. So $$$$$$$$$$ means up to $300

- Red dollars indicates possible value due to good condition. So $$$$$$$$$$ means up to $400 based on good condition


Technics SL-B210 :: $$$$$$$$$$ :: Nice starter turntable, lid tabs prone to breaking off

Pioneer PL-112D :: $$$$$$$$$$ :: Nice turntable, bottom of a nice range

Technics SL-BD20 :: $$$$$$$$$$ :: Nice starter turntable

Sony PS-242 :: $$$$$$$$$$ :: Nice starter turntable, not Sony's best

Akai AP-005 :: $$$$$$$$$$ :: One of Akai's best, condition big factor for value


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