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Vintage turntable sales, repairs and servicing

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Buy vintage turntables, receivers, amplifiers and more.

turntableguy - shop for turntables, cartridges and styli


Get your turntable working and sounding properly once again. Hear the difference!

Get your turntable serviced by turntableguy


Specialised turntable repairs for special turntables.

Get your turntable repaired by turntableguy


The Full Story

OK so your vintage turntable has been sitting around doing nothing for a very long time. So you thought you would switch it on and it would just work.

But the sad story is the grease is dried up, the belt has melted and the speed is out of whack.

It is pretty buggered and you think the only solution is to put it in the trash while you go out and buy some bad turntable that you will not like.

But don't fear because TurntableGuy is near (yes that is me) and I can breathe new life into your vintage turntable.

To help you decide if I can help you, fill in the contact form and I will get in touch.

You can also checkout my TradeMe profile for more details and to view past feedback


Opening Hours

Typically between 6pm and 8pm during the week, or between 9am and 11am over weekend. 

turntableguy - for turntable repairs, servicing and sales
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